Why Self-Care

Self-Care has become a popular term as of late and some might even consider it a bit overused. But if you aren’t in a network of people who are practicing mindfulness and self-care just yet, you might wonder what self-care is exactly and if there is an underlying benefit to it aside from the obvious. We’re not talking about personal hygiene here. 

Quite simply, self-care is this: taking time for yourself, each and every day to promote positive physical and spiritual growth. We’re sure you’ve heard the analogy that “you cannot serve from an empty cup,” but beneath the surface lies a plethora of side effects that occur when you engage in these simple practices.

On a cognitive level, direct self-care as outlined in our program not only promotes personal growth, but it quite literally helps you rewire your brain.
We are all running on default systems. Our brains have created webs and synapses that allow us (for better or worse) to avoid new ways of thinking. This process is intended to streamline our lives, helping us to make quick decisions without much thought or attention to feeling.

While it is an effective tool for streamlining, it also comes with it’s pitfalls- we tend to associate “if A then B” instead of stopping to consider that just because something happened once, it doesn’t mean it will happen again, and moreover- is it even what we WANT?

These default systems dictate what we do, how we do it and how we feel about it. If we aren’t aware, if we don’t awaken, our minds become our masters and we live life on autopilot, unaware that we are quite simply, unaware. And we have always been, even if we don’t realize it, in the driver’s seat of our own lives.

True self-care requires discipline and is most beneficial when you have someone to guide you through the practices. Self-care is about providing yourself with a brain break, to get out of your ego-driven, thinking mind, into your intuitive, feeling body. When you allow this space, this break from thought, you allow yourself to start rewiring those default systems. And the question of “What do I really want?” becomes one of utmost importance.

Our self-care practices will help you gently awaken to understanding that you are in control of the circumstances and the story of your own life.