Full Moon Ritual

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Releasing and Letting Go

“To move forward and into a state of inner peace, it is vital that we accept that our past is behind us, our future is ahead, and all we really have is the moment that is present with us now.

We cannot feel fully satisfied in the present while we are submerged in, and trying to adjust or manipulate, either the past or future.

Full moon evenings are energetic peaks, therefore, they are the perfect time to perform rituals by focusing our energy on whatever we would like to cleanse or adopt in our lives.

We can channel and direct this highly charged lunar energy so that our rituals are potently affected and have a greater chance of integrating and manifesting.”

To Begin, we will do a short breathing exercise to help open your mind’s eye

Lay back, close your eyes and feel for the moon. The full moon’s energy is strong. Draw this energy down and imagine the moon’s energy wrapping around you like a silvery cloak. Let this energy calm, nurture and hold you.

Take a long, slow deep breath, filling the belly, then the chest, hold at the top and slowly exhale.

Slowly scan your body, identify any areas that are holding tension, note those areas and slowly breathe into them.

Now take 3 slow deep breaths.

For each breath, when you inhale focus on your belly rising out further than your chest.

Take 6 long, slow and unforced breaths, gently allowing your hands to rise and fall with your chest and belly.

You’ll feel your body relax and unwind.

Visualize a color in the palm of your hand above your heart. Breathe in to activate your hands and let that color expand, so that it links both of your hands. You’ll now have a glow of colored energy sitting from your throat to your groin. That light is healing and energizing. Don’t think about it too much. Just let it be there in the background.

Now take 6 more long, slow and unforced breaths, gently allowing your hands to rise and fall with your chest and belly. Feel all of the tension drain away. Feel yourself open to your intuition and to the moon’s guidance.

When you’re ready open you eyes, still feeling your connection to the moon.

The Materials:

  • Two bowls, one that is filled with water
  • A pen
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Candles
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Soothing Music

The Practice:

  • Light the candles
  • Place both bowls in front of you
  • Use a piece of paper to write down any and everything you would like to get release from your life, this could be people, places, things, belief systems, thoughts, patterns or feelings.
  • Give yourself enough room so you can cut each strip of paper with scissors individually once you’ve written them all down.
  • Once you’re done writing and have cut each thought into it’s own separate strip of paper, it’s time to burn them
  • Hold each strip on it’s own and repeat the phrase “I let this go and now it is so” as you place the paper in the candle flame
  • Once it ignites, place the burning strip in the empty bowl
  • Repeat for every paper strip
  • Once you are finished, dip your hands in the bowl of water to cleanse your energy
  • Toss the ashes outside

Having Trouble Writing? Use These Prompts…

Remember that something is only true if we BELIEVE it and our goal is move out of false belief systems or beliefs that cause negative or low vibrational feelings. If you believe something that doesn’t feel good, now is the time to identify it, ask yourself if it is really true (something is only TRUE when it occurs 100% of the time) and then release it if it in fact is untrue and causes you emotional distress.

If you have trouble thinking of things, use the prompts and questions below to help you clarify.


  • What are you afraid of?
  • What are you really afraid of?
  • Who are you angry at?
  • Who has slighted you?
  • What frustrates you?
  • What is holding you back from your New Moon intention?
  • Who do you need to forgive?

OR try….

  1. When I think about money, and being able to support myself, my fear is that…
  2. When I think about my health, and living with vitality, my fear is that…
  3. When I think about my sexuality, and about taking pleasure in my body, my fear is that…
  4. When I think about my family, my fear is that…
  5. When I think about love relationships my fear is that…
  6. When I think about my partner, my fear is that…
  7. When I think about my art, my fear is that…
  8. When I think about my home and my living space, my fear is that…
  9. When I think about travel, my fear is that…
  10. When I think about my career, my fear is that…
  11. When I think about my business, my fear is that…
  12. When I think about friendship, my fear is that…
  13. When I think about what others think of me, and how they may perceive me, my fear is that…
  14. When I think about my personal appearance, my fear is that…
  15. When I think about who I could become, my fear is that…
  16. When I think about this idea I have, my fear is that…
  17. When I think about my country, my fear is that…
  18. When I think about the environment, my fear is that…
  19. When I think about world events, my fear is that…
  20. When I think about the future, my fear is that…

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