The Holding Space Technique

September 14th – October 20th, 2019

Hosted at: Underground Yoga – 612 West Evergreen Ave. Longwood, FL. 32750


The Holding Space Technique is a method of teaching that weaves together the healing practice of Yoga with transformational life coaching.

Specifically designed for yoga teachers to hold a healing space for those experiencing a difficult life transition, the technique is hinged on a foundation of mind, body, and spirit, and combines solution-focused mental health principles, mindfulness, and fundamental self-care tools with yoga and meditation to create an accelerated path of growth.

We take a therapeutic approach to our coaching and yoga. 

We have studied the effects of stress and transitional phases on the body and mind, and have seen this method work, first-hand. We have found over and over again that the cognitive, mental health components combined with the practice of yoga and meditation provide compounded effects for grounding the nervous system in order to encourage healing and growth, and is particularly effective in helping decrease stress, anxiety, and depression for our clients facing difficult life-altering transitions.

We designed this technique for you to share with Social Good in mind.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Are you a yoga teacher looking for a way to differentiate yourself in the market, while facilitating growth and healing in your teaching? You can do this while paying it forward. Portions of your tuition cost will directly fund our free and low-cost programs in marginalized and underserved communities. In a combined virtual and in-person format, here’s what you’ll learn in your six week certification program:

Week 1: Two-day Weekend Intensive

  • Life Coaching Fundamentals and how Yoga is relative
  • The effects of stress and trauma: study of the nervous system and how to activate brain blood flow
  • Your role as a Life Coach: Active listening, boundary setting, understanding your scope of practice, and facilitating client introspection through solution-focused probing questions
  • Coaching Practicum: Practicing active listening and probing questions
  • Introduce ‘Teachable’ virtual interactive platform

Week 2: Virtual Class

  • Self-care: the latest buzz term, but what does it really mean?
  • Group study on teaching all Holding Space self-care tools
  • Creating a self-care toolbox for clients
  • Guided meditation

Week 3: Two-day Weekend Intensive

  • Understanding and traversing triggers
  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda Training
  • Yoga Nidra Training and Practicum

Week 4: Virtual Class

  • Understanding Ego vs. Intuition and your Soul’s expansion: The ultimate “Goal” of the Holding Space Technique
  • Guided meditation

Week 5: Virtual Class

  • How coaching in combination WITH yoga accelerates the internal healing process
  • How to use specific yoga styles and guided meditations to compliment life coaching topics
  • How to use the Holding Space Technique to expand your business and broaden your client reach
  • The ins and outs of running Holding Space workshops, classes, and six week programs
  • Guided meditation

Week 6: Two-day Weekend Intensive

  • Program overview, open Q & A
  • Final Practicum and Comprehension
  • Graduation Celebration

There will be required reading of two books that you will need to complete BEFORE training begins so that you can fully focus on implementation during the program.

Total Cost: $699 ($200 deposit due upon registration)

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