The Coaching

Coaching, like self-care, has become a bit of a trendy word in the health and wellness world lately which begs the question of what life coaching is and how it differs from counseling. Allow us to break it down for you.

Coaching, and especially the coaching provided in Holding Space, is about healing from the now, which we believe is your most resourceful point of power. Yes, there is immense value in going back and exploring the past when necessary, but we have found that for many people that methodology can continually reopen wounds and leave individuals in the present moment with just as much emotional distress as when the actual moment of distress occurred. 

When that happens, the question of “what now” often arises and then it becomes about seeking answers to the perpetual “why?” That cycle could continue on indefinitely, always using one question or problem to create others without achieving any real shifts; other than perhaps gaining some insight into how you found yourself in your current situation.

The goal of our coaching is to help people heal and feel better in the present moment, regardless of their past circumstances. We are solution focused, not problem focused. There is so much healing to be discovered in the simple act of accepting where you are, making the choice to love yourself, and then moving forward.

Our coaching program uses solution-focused techniques and self-care tools to empower our storytellers to look inward for healing and come to an understanding that daily self-care is the basis for creating a life that they love.

We believe that everyone is in the driver’s seat of their own life, that they are accountable for their perception and can create and manifest circumstances that match their inner self-talk and self-beliefs. We merely shine a light on what those current beliefs are and then help them discover what they really desire those beliefs to be. Then, we provide them with the daily tools they need to make those shifts in belief happen.

At the core of it all, our coaching is about helping people uncover and identify what they truly want out of life and then assess if the choices they make every day are in alignment with those desires. Resistance, stress, anxiety, depression and that feeling of being “stuck” are all side effects of making decisions that are counterproductive to what someone really wants and how they really feel. Our phase 1 program is all about introducing these ideas so you can build a great foundation upon which you can experience these types of significant shifts.
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