The How and The Why Of The Teen Girls Program

“Six-Weeks To Self-Love”

“If I asked you (a 16 year old girl), out of a dozen random girls at your school, girls who all hang with different crowds and aren’t necessarily friends., how many of them have sent a naked picture to a boy on snapchat, what would you say?”

She replied, “Oh, that’s easy. A dozen for sure.”

The how:

Use a combination of life coaching & yoga to help teenage girls foster self-respect, confidence, and positive change in their lives.
Our skill set allows us to pack a 1-2 punch in the world of self-care.
As a certified life coach with a double masters in Marriage and Family and Mental Health Counseling, coupled with multiple years of providing group counseling to teens, Katie has the ability to create a program that is not only fun but is also effective in addressing the issues that so many teens today are facing.
As a certified yoga instructor with a degree in Social Work (specialty in Child Welfare), Sarabeth offers both a physical and mental healing practice for her students. She is able to help them grow emotionally AND physically, while cultivating an essence of body acceptance and love.
Our 6-week program provides a safe place for girls to first and foremost FEEL GOOD. It is from this place that we can begin to work on empowerment, confidence, and a sense of worthiness and acceptance.
Each session provides one hour of life coaching & discussion and is followed by one hour of yoga and a guided meditation. Every girl will have access to a private facebook page for group members only that includes weekly check ins, fun challenges and tools for positive affirmation.

The why:

One of our initial goals and visions when we started Holding Space was at some point to create a teenage girl’s group. We felt strongly that a program like ours would have been invaluable to us when we were in high school.
When we met with the owner of the Yoga Shala and heard how supportive she was of Holding Space, she mentioned that she has also always wanted to provide a safe place and space for a teen girl group. We knew then that that piece of our path was going to come to fruition sooner rather than later.
When we sat down to really start working on that program, Sarabeth mentioned a teen who works at Full Circle Yoga who had just completed her yoga teacher training. YES, you read that right, a 16-year-old who completed her yoga teacher training. This is an amazing feat in and of itself, but she also happens to be an incredibly old soul whose dream is to work with teenage girls. Serendipitous, right?
We met with this amazing young woman, Sedona, and brought her on board to co-create and assist us with our teen girls program. She gave us an in-depth, real time view of what’s going on in the teen world today. During our meeting we noticed her snapchat app popping up with notifications, and we started chatting about how the world of social media and technology has changed what it means to be a teen and how difficult it can make growing up.
We started brainstorming out loud and Katie posed a question to her. She said, “If I asked you, out of a dozen random girls at your school, girls who all hang with different crowds and aren’t necessarily friends etc., how many of them have sent a naked picture to a boy on snapchat, what would you say?”
She replied, “Oh, that’s easy. A dozen for sure.”
Our mouths dropped open and we both looked at each other shocked.
We considered ourselves to be relatively young and still “with it” if you catch our drift. We figured maybe 5-6 would have been her answer. But 12?? 
The follow-up was a discussion about how many, out of the dozen, actually want to send them, and how many are being sent out of fear and an inability to say “NO.”
At that point we knew that we didn’t just want to run one group; we wanted to run groups throughout the entire year. It became glaringly apparent that there is an epidemic of worthlessness occurring in this demographic; of girls who have no self-love and who are growing into women who have no self-worth.
We feel that this is UNACCEPTABLE. We are women who respect and support other women, who know how difficult just being human can be when coupled with the incredible pressures of being a teen in a culture of body shaming, bullying, technology and social media. How is anyone supposed to come out of that feeling good about being alive?
Our program was really born that day. We knew that these girls needed a place to feel safe enough to just be themselves, to feel good and happy in their own skin, and to share who they are and how they feel without the worry of being judged or shamed.
We are thrilled to have the space to do this and the support of so many amazing people in this community. Our mission and program of “6 Weeks to Self-Love” is all about helping these young women shift from fear to love and from shame to respect, so they have a chance to grow into women who know their worth.
We believe that every girl deserves this chance and have decided to do everything in our power to make this program FREE. If you are interested in joining us on this empowerment movement, we would love your support.

Our goal is to sell 110 scholarships so we can run 1 ten-person teen girls group every 8 weeks and hold 3 weekend retreats throughout the next year. Each scholarship is valued at $250 which includes their yoga mats, journals, rental space and other fun self care goodies for the girls.

Pay it forward. Sponsor a scholarship. Change a life.

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