Phase 2: "Creating A Life You Love" Adult Program


Creating A Life You Love

Once you have finished 6 Weeks to Self-care, you will have a solid foundation from which to begin the creation of a life you love.

In Phase 2 we will dig deep to identify triggers, blocks, fears, and everything that has been holding you back from living your life on purpose, with a purpose. Once we have identified and dismantled your road blocks, we will teach all the tools for manifesting your life’s truest desires.

Phase 2 gets more personal and pushes you outside your comfort zone, so using the grounding and self-care tools you learned in Phase 1 is paramount to your success in Phase 2. 

The Specifics
  • Closed-group, six week program, meets every Wednesday for two hours
  • 60 minutes of life coaching, 60 minutes of all-levels yoga & guided meditation each week
  • Optional 30-minute post session “Clarity Talks”
  • Scheduled one-on-one 30 minute session with Katie and Sarabeth to clarify how Holding Space can really help you meet your goals (to be used within the 6 weeks) 
  • Weekly yoga videos and meditations for clients
  • Full time availability for Q & A on a private Facebook page (or other platform of group involvement for those without Facebook)
  • Amazing in between session tools to practice and ongoing support within a group of like-minded people 
The Topics

Week 1: Identifying triggers – what obstacles and road blocks do you find consistently blocking your path?

Week 2: Identifying and shifting default settings – what do you reach for to make yourself feel better?

Week 3: Embracing vulnerability – finding strength in sharing your stories and facing your fears.

Week 4: Making contrast your friend – how to change your perception and find meaning in adversity. 

Week 5: Will what you want – how to obtain a clear vision about exactly what you want in your life and use the law of attraction to make your vision a reality.

Week 6: Become a master manifester – how to cement your new habits and keep your mind focused. 

 Ready to Manifest?
When: Every Wednesday for six weeks, beginning January 10th
Where: The Yoga Shala, 3013 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
Availability: We have 10 open spots and are currently taking RSVP’s, please reserve yours now using our contact form or the “buy now” button below
Cost: $249 one time fee