Corporate Sponsorship: Holding Space for the Workplace

Corporate Sponsorship
We believe that global change starts with ourselves. Learning to love ourselves creates a greater capacity to love and shine light on others around us. It’s a cycle of giving and receiving that we want to encourage.
As a thank you to every business that funds 4 or more full $250 scholarships for our teen girl’s program, “Six Weeks to Self-Love,” Holding Space will provide a complimentary anti-stress workshop for up to three hours at your place of business. Each scholarship supplies a teenaged girl with a yoga mat, journal, art supplies, and ongoing support from Katie and Sarabeth as their teachers, and will also help cover the cost of rent for holding the group classes. 
Studies have shown that re-centering routines such as breathwork, meditation, and yoga can greatly increase productivity at work and help prevent burn-out, and we want to share these practices with you and your co-workers. In our 3-hour workshop we will give your employees our best researched stress relief tools that they can use on and off the job, and provide proof of the effects of these practices on the brain. 
“Encouraging employees to tend to their own health and wellbeing produces a number of benefits, including reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, reduced healthcare costs, happier employees, and greater productivity overall” (Huffington Post, 2017).
We’ll provide 1.5 hours of life coaching and discussion, covering topics such as self-care, methods of de-stressing, and finding work/life balance. This will also include a mini course on meditation and the effects of meditation on the brain, and the benefits of using essential oils, where employees will get to choose the oil scent that most calls to them for a re-centering meditation, and have the opportunity to purchase any oils they want to incorporate in their own practices.
Following the coaching and discussion your group will be led through a beginner-friendly one hour yoga flow, and a 20-minute Yoga Nidra (fully reclined guided meditation). The yoga class and meditation will be recorded and gifted to your employees so they have access to this practice any time after our meeting. Consider this a mini mindfulness retreat that can only benefit your company and your employees health and well being! 
It’s easy to see that this package is a gift on all levels. Not only are you providing four teenaged girls with the opportunity to love and respect themselves on a deeper level, but your employees will know their well being is of utmost value and priority as well. If this mission of self-love and appreciation calls to you, don’t hesitate to email us at so we can get you set up for success!