Word Of The Week: #Acceptance

April 27, 2017 Blog

Our word of the week this week is one of my favorites because it is the first step to creating a shift in your life.
It’s so important to be able to accept exactly who you are and exactly where you are in your life, if you want to move forward or have a desire to change things.
Practicing true acceptance without judgement can be difficult at first but the more you can step into an observer role, the easier it will be to detach from judgement and step into self-love.
Trying to create change in your life without accepting yourself, wherever you are, just as you are is like trying to navigate home using a road map from a hundred years ago.
It makes things very difficult, counter productive and frustrating.
Want to give acceptance a try? Make it your mantra for today.
Practice closing your eyes, for just one minute and repeat “I love and accept myself, I love and accept myself.”

We LOVE and ACCEPT you, storytellers. ?

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