Featured Pose Of The Week: Sukhasana- Easy Pose

April 19, 2017 Blog

Take a seat, Storytellers! Our featured pose this week is Sukhasana, or Easy Pose. Some call it Easy Seat, Meditation Posture, or Pleasant Pose, but they all lead to the same thing– stillness.
This hip-opening posture simultaneously strengthens and lengthens the back while stretching the knees and ankles.
With your sitting bones grounded, cross at the shins and bring your knees wide. This might seem easy, but the trick is to sit up tall and lean back enough that the shoulders are above the hips, which is harder than it looks!

Once you’re there, reach through the crown of the head and close the eyes. Lift your inner gaze to the space between the eyebrows and focus on nothing but your breath.
Try staying for just five minutes to start. You can try different variations of hand placement– place the palms down on the knees to feel grounded, or flip the palms up to receive energy.
When closing your meditation, use Anjali Mudra, or prayer, to seal your practice with a sense of gratitude. As your practice grows, you’ll be able to sit for longer each time!

Happy meditating, Storytellers!

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