Courageous Conversations & Mental Health Awareness Month

May 13, 2019 Blog

Mental health awareness month isn’t just about mental illness, crisis or trauma – EVERYone has a stake in this topic because we ALL have minds, and they all need tending to. Mental health awareness is about taking the time and creating a space to bring awareness to the state of how everyone feels in general, and it also provides an opportunity to check in with our own self-care routines.

While the state of more serious mental health topics and programs are in dire need of addressing, it’s also important to acknowledge that the best way to start a large conversation is to provide accessible ways to connect with the topic.

Nurturing our mental health is incredibly important – what happens on the inside is the precursor for everything on the outside. Struggling with stress, anxiety, and/or depression is no different or less impactful than having a physical injury. While we are acutely aware when we, say, have a broken finger and are likely to seek treatment, it’s important to understand that when we feel stressed, worried, anxious or depressed on a daily or weekly basis, it’s no less serious than a broken bone just because we can’t necessarily see what’s wrong. Those ailments are our bodies’ way of signaling to us the way the pain of a broken finger would, as in – “hey, please do something different, what’s happening is causing impact and needs to be addressed.”

We are taking this month as an invitation to hold open conversations around mental health and would love for you to join us. Checking in with ourselves and our loved ones to discuss how we are actually feeling about our lives is a great place to start.

So, how are you feeling about your life? Answering this question can be as simple as using a few introspective prompts and either sharing with ourselves or with someone close to us how we are really feeling.

Join in on the movement to break through mental health stigmas by using these prompts to have courageous conversations in honor of mental health awareness month. If you feel so moved, share how you feel and tag @weareholdingspace with the hashtags #CourageousConversations and  #weareholdingspace.

  • How do I define emotional and mental wellness?
  • What does being mentally/emotionally healthy mean to me?
  • Do I feel supported in my daily life?
  • Is there a gap between how I feel emotionally on a daily basis and how I would ideally like to feel?
  • Do I currently feel equipped with the tools I might need in order to achieve my ideal mental/emotional state?
  • If I do not know what those tools are, do I know where I can go to receive that knowledge?
  • What are three new habits or tools I can implement to continue and/or create a growth mindset outlook and lifestyle?

Remember that no matter how you feel in this moment, you are not alone. If you feel like you could use some support, please reach out; we would love to connect.

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