Happy Full Flower Moon!

May 10, 2017 Blog

Happy full flower moon, storytellers! This month of May is full of chaos and change and tonight is a great night to RELEASE and let go of what no longer serves us. Write down everything you would like to release, whatever no longer serves you, and BURN it all. This can be very cathartic and can help you get clear about what it is you really want and need.

Word Of The Week: #Acceptance

April 27, 2017 Blog

Our word of the week this week is one of my favorites because it is the first step to creating a shift in your life. It’s so important to be able to accept exactly who you are and exactly where you are in your life, if you want to move forward or have a desire to change things. Practicing true acceptance without judgement can be difficult at first but the more you can step into an observer role, the easierRead More

Are You Ready To Shed Your Skin?

April 25, 2017 Blog

If you are feeling ready to step into the next phase of your life but aren’t sure where to start or what to shift, join us for our last session of a taste of holding space, this Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. Our 60-minute life coaching session will allow you to identify and shed whatever has been holding you back and will be followed by a 60-minute all levels yoga flow & meditation. This week’s meditation will feature essential oils and willRead More

Happy Earth Day! Let's Get Grounded!

April 22, 2017 Blog

Happy Earth day!! I hope everyone gets a chance to do something outdoors today to give and receive a little love from Mother Earth. A great way to connect with nature and get grounded is through a practice called earthing: “Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body.” Give itRead More

Self-Love Showcase; Learn How To Say "No"

April 21, 2017 Blog

Learning how to say “no” might prove difficult but it sure is one bold showcase of self-love. Saying “no” to something that isn’t right for you isn’t about turning someone else down, it’s about saying “yes” to yourself. No one else but you has the experience of living your every day life, no one else but you can truly tell what is best for you. Choosing yourself, saying “yes” to yourself and “no” to things you don’t want allows youRead More

Featured Pose Of The Week: Sukhasana- Easy Pose

April 19, 2017 Blog

Take a seat, Storytellers! Our featured pose this week is Sukhasana, or Easy Pose. Some call it Easy Seat, Meditation Posture, or Pleasant Pose, but they all lead to the same thing– stillness. This hip-opening posture simultaneously strengthens and lengthens the back while stretching the knees and ankles. With your sitting bones grounded, cross at the shins and bring your knees wide. This might seem easy, but the trick is to sit up tall and lean back enough that theRead More

Maximize Your Energy!

April 17, 2017 Blog

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” Join us for this week’s “taste of holding space” for 45-minutes of life coaching and 60-minutes of an all levels yoga flow & meditation. This week’s topic is “how to maximize your energy.” We all know that “where focus goes, energy flows,” and that even the smallest actions can have large consequences. This week we will learn how to make small choices and practice discernment so that we can accomplish more with half of theRead More

The Key To Creating Positive Change

April 13, 2017 Blog

I LOVE this quote, it’s such a great example of your body knowing what’s best. For children, it’s a no brainer, they don’t give up on reaching milestones just because they constantly hit bumps in the road; instead, they just keep practicing. Their bodies and intuition know and trust that they must keep going, that this is the right path. As adults, once our bodies have completed those first milestones, we tend to lose touch with “what comes next” becauseRead More

Word Of The Week: #Release

April 10, 2017 Blog

Release is our word of the week and it couldn’t come at a better time, who is feeling all over the place today?? As the pink moon looms high tonight and becomes completely full around 2 a.m. tomorrow, you can be sure it’s having a pull on our bodies, minds and spirits. “*FULL MOON* in Libra brings a heart+mind alignment so we can better navigate the delicate balance of me and we within all our relations.” The moon pulls theRead More

Feeling Stuck In The Eye Of The Storm?

April 10, 2017 Blog

If you are feeling stuck in the eye of the storm, like there is chaos all around you or heading your way, Wednesday’s drop in session will help you find stillness wherever you are. Our 45-minute coaching session will be focused on “worrying vs. planning; how to stop anxiety in its tracks.” A 60-minute all levels yoga flow will follow the coaching session, providing a physical release and will end with a meditation to seal in that juicy state ofRead More