Who We Are

Katie M. Kovaleski is the founder of Anytime Sleep Consulting and the CEO of Integration Life Coaching. A Certified Family Sleep Institute Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Katie works with families around the globe to provide education, prevention and intervention services for all of a child’s sleep needs.
As a certified life coach with Masters’ Degrees in both Mental Health and Marriage and Family Counseling, Katie’s practice offers not only sleep expertise but also provides a unique support system for the entire family.

Katie founded Integration Life Coaching in 2010. This life coaching practice caters to individuals, couples and families by offering an effective blend of therapeutic tools and coaching.

Katie’s interest in the relationship between yoga and life coaching began in January of 2016 when she began taking yoga and reaping the benefits of this healing practice. Her yoga practice, in conjunction with a well-rounded self-care program including daily meditation, helped her realize that significant life changes always begin within and are compounded when practiced every day.

Sarabeth Jackson is an Orlando native with a love for people and a passion for compassion. She has a degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida, with focus in Child Welfare. 

Sarabeth came to her yoga practice in 2009 as a means of exercise after child birth, but quickly learned that the practice is equally as spiritual as it is physical. After experiencing how yoga positively re-shaped her life’s path, she decided she wanted to share these benefits with others and obtained her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2015 from Full Circle Yoga in Winter Park, FL, where she is now teaching along with other studio locations in Orlando. Sarabeth truly believes that one yoga class can change the trajectory of your entire day, and over time transform your life completely by leading you to inner peace and self-realization.

Sarabeth teaches a light-hearted, all-levels Flow that will leave you feeling both energized and grounded, calm and strong. Each Holding Space class is designed so that the coaching topic and yoga will complement one another, so you will experience Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow over your six week course, all while focusing on your breath and your positive intention to guide you through your practice. Every class closes with a guided seated meditation or Yoga Nidra (fully reclined, deeply relaxing guided meditation).                    

Katie & Sarabeth teach Six Weeks to Self-Care at The Yoga Shala located in College Park, their next program begins on 5/22